lundi 28 mai 2007


Je viens de voir ça :

et ça :

je suis mort. Ce type (Chris Wahl) est un monstre.
C'est énorme
Je vais me coucher, en essayant d'oublier cette vision qui me fait me demander pourquoi, oui, pourquoi je gache des crayons avec mes doigts d'incapable.

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh aussi.

hanzz a dit…

So he knows how to do it. So what?
I adore his drawings, so what?
I love yours too.
Keep up the level you are now, you rock !

Anonyme a dit…

What's the problem, man ? Your drawings (especially your sketches, ah ah ah!!!) are excellent as well. I write my comments in english for Hanzz, frienly yours, Christophe. And now I try some words in the Hanzz'language : hjgerjhgf lkhjvfrbvr"igh bmpzmelfkj cvéap&uifgefff. Sorry.

Gon a dit…

ekHi Jean, first of all, thanks for your comment!Answering your questions: Since last year that I´ve started to do live work, it´s a very good exercise to improve our skills such as speed and visual memory.. and i love to interact with people.
At that wedding, I didn´t draw all 600 guests, but I had another colleague working with me wich was a lot easier, and funny to do! You should try it some day ;)