dimanche 17 juin 2007

Le "vrai" Bodard

Héhé, petit croquis du matin, pour la mise en route.
Un grand merci à la famille Justin pour les photos, en particulier celle qui m'a permis de faire ce croquis frappant de vérité, n'est pas Christophe ?
A propos, avec les amis que tu as, tu n'as pas besoin d'ennemis.
Chers internautes, si vous possédez des photos de Bodard, n'hésitez pas à me les faire parvenir ( sachant que celles présentes sur la toile datent de la fin des années 60 )

Héhé, small sketch of the morning, for the startup.

Thanks to the Justin family for the picture, particularly the one which enabled me to make this sketch.

By the way, with the friends whom you have Christophe, you don't need enemies.

Dear Net surfers, if you have photographs of Bodard, do not hesitate with me to forward them (knowing that those present on the web date from the end of the Sixties)

4 commentaires:

Gon a dit…

good distorcion of his mouth, hilarious caricature! nice work Jean,


Anonyme a dit…

Hi Gon, hmmm, well, this is really my mouth, thank you Jean-Marc for this "portrait".

jmborot a dit…

HI Gon, hi Bodard.
To complete what you says Christophe, I have to admit that for once, it's not a caricature. It's a portrait.
I won't do things like this again; and will remain drawing caricatures

jmborot a dit…

For Gon again :
I saw your face on Grandenis'site.
I think I will be able to do something one day.
Did you make a drawing for the contest ?