lundi 9 février 2009

Ringo, John, Paul and George

Travail en cours sur mes Beatles, ça avance "tranquille"
Work in progress, it's going "quietly"
Par ailleurs, j'ai fini Delon et bebel.
I have also finished Delon and Bebel.

5 commentaires:

francois a dit…

et c'est tranquillement que tu continues a m'enerver......c'est magnifique.....mais c'est tout! )

Nelson Santos a dit…

Fantastic job i like the yellow tonality gives it a 60s style.

Gon a dit…

Fantastic work, love the colors scheme, you are getting better everytime, congratulations Jean!
Also love your Black Sabbath caricature.

SEILER a dit…

Fantastic use of color . . .. really cool!

jmborot a dit…

Merci Francois : je fais rien qu'à t'enerver, et je vais continuer !
Thanks Jason : it's always good to have your opinion.
And thanks to my Portuguese friends. Obrigado ! Hey : if you decide to organize a miniCon in Portugal, I COME !!! I'm tired of cold and snow, and I'd love to go again in your country.