jeudi 17 mars 2011

Umegatani Totaro

Umegatani Totaro (March 16, 1845 - May 15, 1928) was a sumo wrestler and the sport's 15th Yokozuna. He was generally regarded as the strongest wrestler to emerge since the era of Tanikaze and Raiden.

Umegatani won 58 bouts in a row from January 1876 to January 1881.
It is the fourth best record of consecutive victories. He was awarded a yokozuna licence in February 1884, receiving it simultaneously from both the Osaka and Tokyo based organisations. Emperor Meiji took pleasure in seeing his bout on March 10, 1884. He won 116 bouts and lost only 6 bouts in the top makuuchi division. He achieved a winning average of 95.1, the highest record among yokozunas, though could not surpass ozeki Raiden.
He was not a particularly large wrestler but was remarkably strong.

(source Wikipedia)

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David Dunne Art a dit…

fantastic work I love the style . your really using the white for effect well done!!

jmborot a dit…

thanks David,
actually this drawing is made with a ballpoint pen... the white parts are the paper itself. But I agree, this one is built with (from ?) the white.